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The creation of new products requires extreme delicacy in the knowledge of its market, its consumers but it is often not enough.

Artenice has developed cocreation strategies to put the consumer in the heart of new product development :

"Focus group", "brainstorming", comments or creating online communities, creative competitions, "crowdsourcing" ...

The most common shared innovation approach is to seek a community of users to meet a particular need. Cocreation can fit every step of the creative process: declining a product or invent new concepts, develop technology, imagine a packaging, organize a group of beta testers ...

Due to its presence in many countries, the number of consumers which Artenice interacts every day, we can communicate and test your project on a broad audience of consumers worldwide .

Cocreation can go even further. By example, using the customer experience accumulated by the personnel to adapt the management. The results have a real impact on the quality of products created or on the customer satisfaction level.

The communication operation in working process, through the most radical transformation of the company and its organization, and cocreation takes many paths. A revolution is underway.

To lead such projects, it is essential to build a team that goes beyond the strict framework of marketing and communication. Artenice created around a project team able to decrypt expectations or consumer reactions, such as sociologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, psychologists, engineers, academics, ... each bringing his knowledge of the consumer, behavior and environment .


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